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2021/1 28 04:52

The "Anti-Monopoly Law" exists, and corporate organizations cannot expand indefinitely, but distributed organizations can. The commercial value of distributed organizations driven by blockchain algorithms needs to be reflected by the rise of cry

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2021/1 28 04:50

In addition, all Ethereum apps operate on a single network. The advantage of doing so is that these apps can share Ethereum standards and the corresponding scale effect; the disadvantage is that all these apps share the Ethereum consensus layer , Will be

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2021/1 22 07:48

In addition, the institution has been able to successfully combat money laundering without the need for such a centralized system with prohibited addresses. As early as March, Europol announced that it had destroyed an international gang that hacked bank

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2021/1 22 07:46

At the end of May 2019, Grayscale released a chart showing that the company managed a total of approximately US$2.1 billion worth of encrypted assets, and the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) reached US$1.7 billion, accounting for nearly 94% of the share.

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2021/1 22 07:44

The problem with this contract lies in uintcurrentBalance=this.balance+msg.value; (and related lines) and the wrong use of this.balance. Attackers can put ether into the contract in the three ways mentioned above:At present, you may have to "rent&quo