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2021/1 28 04:50

In addition, all Ethereum apps operate on a single network. The advantage of doing so is that these apps can share Ethereum standards and the corresponding scale effect; the disadvantage is that all these apps share the Ethereum consensus layer , Will be affected by the size of the newly added application. In addition, the entire network must be managed as a huge unit, which will be constrained by governFree Bitcoin miningance concepts and ideological differences, making expansion difficult.

Frankling, vice president of Bixin, once said that the additional issuance of USDT has little to do with the currency circle. In March of this year, most currencies other than the U.S. exchange rate against the United States created a new low for nearly a decade. At this time, in exchange rate control countries, everyone The only way to obtain USD is through stablecoins.

Gerard's aversion to Bitcoin is very sacred. If he is very ill and Satoshi Nakamoto handed him a special medicine, he is likely to refuse in order to adhere to the principle. He is dissing everything about cryptocurrency every day, but he is especially contemptuous of Bitcoin. After all, this is the source of evil that spawns all cryptocurrencies.

Justin Drake and I solved this problem in two ways: Justin used a verifiable delay function with deterministic and verifiable output, but it required a large amount of non-parallel continuous time to calculate, and it was impossible to operate in advance; and myself A major concession was made to Vlad™Cult. The GHOST-based fork selection rule was used to greatly reduce the reliance on proposers. As long as more than 50% of the provers are in good faith, even if more than 90% of the proposers are malicious, The chain can also develop undisturbed.

However, according to the data before the disappearance of the largest drug exchange market Alphabay in July 2017, Alphabay’s daily transaction volume is only 800,000 US dollars, which is equivalent to the 858 billion US dollars transferred by Bitcoin on the chain in 2017. Compared with its assets, it is only less than four ten thousandths of its total annual transaction volume.

On August 10, BSN officially announced that it had launched a new global portal. Developers of the six blockchain platforms of Ethereum, EOS, Nervos, Tezos, NEO and IRISnet caFree Bitcoin miningn already build dApps and run nodes through the data storage and bandwidth of BSN overseas data centers.