Bitcoin now

2021/1 28 04:51

The evolution of Bitcoin is Bitcoin nowvery similar to the evolution of language. Anyone can come up with their own new word and try to get others to use it; although most attempts will fail. In the same way, anyone can come up with a fascinating new phrase or image and try to spread it, enhancing a particular view of what Bitcoin is.

In that era, many realistic predictions all confirmed this. In the fifty years from 1919 to 1969, there have been countless science fiction novels describing the landing on the moon, some of which clearly describe the necessary conditions for rocket flight and the actual state of the moon. By 1948, many novels were written on television; after that, some novels were written on communication satellites. However, until 1969, no novel connected these three things together: no one predicted that when they first landed on the moon, hundreds of millions of people could watch the landing process on TV.

In the course of these three games, they finally reached a credit system in which all parties abide by the rules of the Bitcoin network. Some people have tried to disrupt this system through forks and the development of other currencies, but in the end it has been proven that in the face of the rigorous, reasonable and stable system of Bitcoin, no conspiracy can succeed. The scale of Bitcoin miners, developers, and users is expanding.

Tether is described as the central bank for crypto transactions (Wall Street Journal) and the glue that holds the $375 billion cryptocurrency market together (Bloomberg). In order to accurately assess the risk of Tether, we will distinguish two different banking crises.

Buterin warned that in terms of market value, Ethereum may be surpassed by any ERC-20 token issued on Ethereum through unlimited issuance. Since tokens can be programmed without inflation, Buterin explained that basically every ERC-20 token is more valuable than Ethereum.

On Tuesday, ChainSecurityCOOMatthiasEgli said that the core developers may not have noticed this problem when running software tests before, because this impact comes from the development of smart contracts, not necessarily the core development of the (EtBitcoin nowhereum Virtual Machine).

In this regard, AndrewKeys, co-founder of ConsenSysCapital, expressed his opinion that the emergence of JPMCoin is an important sign of the adoption of blockchain by institutions. “The track of traditional financial payment is changing” and even “eventually promotes the application of cryptoeconomics beyond payment. "